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2010 American Open

By stemann - Posted on 01 December 2010

I will not be able to compete in the December 5th, 2010 USA Powerlifting American Open due to a pec injury. I was hoping for a big event, but over the last 12-14 weeks a nagging pec injury has not improved.

My event goal was to be the first USAPL 242 lb lifter in history to squat 800 and bench 600 in the same competition. I guess it will have to wait.

The next competition I have is the 2011 IPF/NAPF Pro Invitational at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, March 5th. Because it's an IPF sanctioned competition and they have eliminated the 110 KG wt. class, I will be moving up to the 120 KG / 264.5 LB division. The last 3 Arnolds I spent the hours leading up to the competition, losing weight, my normal bodyweight is over 250, so I am hopeful this will be a good thing for my lifting potential.

Steve Mann