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Help support Steve Mann go to Worlds!

Clark Summit's Steve Mann is returning to the 43rd Annual IPF Open World Championships for the second time in two years. This year's event is in Stavanger, Norway. He is a lifetime drug free / drug tested athlete. He is also a husband and father of four kids, nine years old and younger, he could use a little help getting to Norway to represent the United States.

The trip is expected to cost around $3000. Below we are selling t-shirts, which is a web site created and owned by Steve Mann. If you are not interested in a t-shirt, but would like to donate, we have setup a way to do that as well.  

Just donate, any little bit helps....

If you would like to donate and get a charitable tax deduction, please send us an email at for more information.

Buy a PurePowerlifting Shirt!

T-Shirts for $15 including shipping!!! (Intra US Only)