2013 IPF Worlds Pictures

893 Squat
406 KG / 893 LB Squat
893 Towards Bottom
405 KG / 893 LB Squat
893 from Left
405 KG / 893 LB Squat                                                   
Setup Bench
Pre-Setup with 300 KG / 661 LB Bench
Setup DL
Setup Deadlift
661 top
300 KG / 661 Deadlift

Welcome to MOS (MannOfSteel.com)

What is going on here this week:

This week Steve Mann travels to Stavanger, Norway to compete at the 43rd Annual IPF Open World Championships. Below Steve is posting vlogs (video logs). This video goes back through his entire training cycle for the last several years leading up to this competition, but this week he is posting video of his travel and his experiences at the World Championship event. Subscribe to the video channel if you want to follow Steve's updates.

Steve lifts Saturday at 9 AM ET but will be posting vlogs as he goes through the week.

To Watch competition go here:
Video and Scoring (Values are in Kilograms multiply # by 2.20467)
Higher Quality Video (no scoreboard)

Mini Bio: Steve is a drug free Christian powerlifter, who has competed for over 24 years. He is 38 years old and is married and the father of 4 children age 9, 6, 5 and 3.  His best lifts included a 881 pound Squat, a 640 pound Bench Press and a 684 pound deadlift.