Mann's return to 3 lift -August 2019 Event

At age 43, Steve Mann hits the platform again in full three lift competition. He has lifted in a three lift every year he's competed, which is now 30 years.

2017 Titan Pro Bench Bash at the Arnold Sports Festival

This year's lifting is on the Rogue stage in the expo Sunday March 5th at 10 AM.
Below is video from last year's 2nd place finish at the Titan Pro Bench Bench.

MOS Lifts Again - Friday August 19th, 2016

Almost 20 Years to the day Steve Mann, at age 20, lifted in his first IPF event in Hamilton, CA. This year the event is in a slightly different location of St. Croix, VI and he is clearly not 20 anymore. This will be Steve's 51st full three lift powerlifting competition since he began competeing in 1991 at 14 years of age. He is now 40 years old. Full male lifting roster here!

Steve finished 3rd behind Mark Giffin who is judging this event as well.
1996 Throwback - MOS First IPF Event
Returning to the event he started at in 1996.

Live Video starting 9 AM - North American Powerlifting Federation (IPF Event)

Lifting History Made - The Grind

On the USA Powerlifting Record Book

Only lifter USA Powerlifting history to win Teenage Nationals, Junior Nationals, Collegiate Nationals, Open Nationals and Masters Nationals.

USAPL Teenage Nationals - Sharon, PA - July 1995

USAPL Junior Nationals - Chicago, IL -  July 1998

USAPL Collegiate National Champion - Ft. Wayne, IN - April 1999

USAPL Open National Champion - Orlando, FL - June 2012

USAPL Open National Champion - Killeen, TX - June 2013

USAPL Open National Champion - San Antonio, TX - May 2015

USAPL Masters National Champion - San Antonio, TX - May 2015

As Meet Director Steve ran the largest USA Powerlifting event in the history of organization with 1234 entries and 991 actual lifters at the 2016 USA Powerlifting Raw National Championships. The MOS Grind

Since 1991 have done at least one 3 lift event each year.

First Competition March 1991 at 144 Pound BW
First Win 1994 - Teenage State Championships - Upper Perk, HS

Nationals Lifted

First National Championship - USAPL Teenage Nationals - July 1995 (Teenage Win)